Classic Car Insurance from Source Luxury

Jun 15th 2015

Source Luxury may be a newish name in the Insurance market but it stems from our director's career beginnings back in 2003. Samuel Cise, Group Managing Director, originally started his career as an Insurance Broker in a local firm in Surrey UK. After then a select few blue chip insurance brokers were added to his CV before his passion for Motor Cars could not be contained any longer. The Source Luxury Group was formed to source high value cars for wealthy clients all over the world and with the Motor Car arm still running strong from the office in Surrey Samuel spends a lot of his time managing existing clients and seeking new classic car insurance customers.

While The Source Luxury Group was in it's foundation years Samuel continued to manage his insurance customers with a unique partnership formed with an insurance broker now Lark (Group) Limited. This strong partnership allows Samuel to network with some of the best clients in the world with some of the finest classic car collections under single ownership. Existing clients from the early days of his career continue to stand by Samuel because of his first class customer service and of course his knowledge of the classic and modern car industry. New clients are being highly recommended to Samuel with the profile of these classic car collections equalling if not triumphing the existing collections insured by Samuel and his London team.

Classic Car Insurance is not an easy type of insurance to handle as an owner because there are limited insurance companies willing or able to underwrite the very high values classic cars are now worth. Take for example a famous car the Ferrari 250 GTO, some are valued around $40 Million and they usually form part of a collection therefore it's easy to get a collection worth $100 Million. Could a regular insurer handle this? Of course the answer is no so that's where we come in.

The knowledge of the cars, their values, the security required by the locations, the people managing or caring for the cars, the locations they are kept in the world and the risks attaching to them such as earthquake, the drivers, the events they compete in, the rallies they do, the way they are transported, these are just some of the questions that spring to mind when insuring a valuable collection of classic cars meaning when an insurance policy is put together it becomes a bespoke contract specific for each client to suit their exact needs.

For worldwide cover, first class customer service and expert knowledge please contact Samuel Cise on +44 7874 040365 or email