New private client insurance case study

Mar 18th 2016

On Thursday 17th March 2016 it was a normal day at the office, then a long standing customer who I've known for ten years called me and said Samuel I desperately need your help. My great friend has been continuously let down by their existing insurance broker, they are buying a new car and the broker cannot even process the addition to their portfolio policy in time, is there anything I can do?

Naturally this became my priority to help, the last thing they deserve is poor service from a world known insurance broker. I took some details of the policy and had an action plan immediately available as a quick fix but also a long term solution. The client owns five houses and five cars with one arriving tomorrow but no cover was in place and was unlikely to be in time for collection of the new car!

The quick solution was a transfer of agency letter, signed by the client and submitted to their insurance company within half an hour, the insurance company knew of the clients needs and did not delay processing the transfer of agency from the other insurance broker to us. Within a few hours of the original phone call we had the policy transferred, the new car insured and the certificate of motor insurance in the client's email inbox.

Now that we manage the policy for the client fully we are in a perfect position to broker the risk to the market before the renewal is due, a standard exercise for a new client and mainly just to ensure they have the right cover with the right insurance company for them, if not then we look to move them to the best provider.

Safe to say we have a very happy new client who we look forward to managing their Private Client Insurance for many years ahead.

If you own a portfolio of assets that need the very best Private Client Insurance covering them then please contact us and we are happy to help with all assets including Household Insurance, Motor Car Insurance, Jewellery Insurance, Overseas Property Insurance, Super yacht Insurance and our speciality is Classic Car Insurance where we insure over USD 180 Million of Classic Cars throughout the globe!

We love what we do and we look forward to helping you too!